Wednesday, June 18, 2008


If you have hard work to do,
Do it now.
Today the skies are clear and blue,
Tomorrow clouds may come in view,
Yesterday is not for you;
Do it now.

If you have a song to sing,
sing it now.
Let the notes of gladness ringClear as song of bird in spring;
Let every day some music bring;
Sing it now.

If you have kind words to say,
Say them now.
Tomorrow may not come your way,
Do a kindness while you may,
Loved ones will not always stay;
Say them now.

If you have smile to show,
Show it now.
Make hearts happy,
roses grow,
Let the friends around you knowThe love you have before they go;
Show it now.

Monday, June 16, 2008

We Can @Week End

hay wazzup dude !!!
" How was ur weekend ? " this is the but obvious question that you will encounter on Monday Morning at any of the IT company and this question also give you an opportunity to tell other how u live like a king in this world..
I also join the one of the Leading IT company at Pune in first week of the May. and this new word called "weekend” added to my dictionary..
Weekend means 48 Hours gifted by god to take out all the pain residing inside you that you have taken by effectively working on an avg 8 Hr in day and 5 day a week that means 40 Hr..
Weekend has change a life style of indian and if you see the number game then it is like this
Avg. hr for sleeping on weekend let say 9 Hr
Avg time to remove sluggishness in weekend 1 hr.
Time for Dinner /breakfast/lunch on week end 2 hr
Total time spent on usual routine stuff 1 hr max
Time left after this all in day 24-(9+1+2+1) =11
Now Let takes at least 10 hr a day as Disposable Time that any one has on holiday to to any of the activity that he can't do on the week days
That means for two days week end it comes to 20 Hr.
Now if we consider only Indian IT /ITES company having week end concept then the total number of people getting weekend come close to near 20,00,000
That means total disposable time is 4, 00, 00,000 Man Hour
This 40 Mn.Man hour has change the life style of Indian, by changing Economic Mix. This has uplifted retail, entertainment, tourisem, and many other co related sector. But one sector that i'm looking for is NGO or say social service sector . A Lot can be done in this section if we use only 1 hr hour out of our week end that is total 2bn hour is available to change the face of our society.

Think @ IT