Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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July 29, 2008
My daily routine is pretty consistent. Every morning I'll wake up and battle with the thought of climbing out from under my warm cozy sheets and unwrapping myself from my duvet. I've heard that there's a gene that determines whether or not you're a "morning person." I can say for sure that I definitely don't have that gene; my bed is a safe haven that protects me from the morning.
After the third or fourth iteration of my alarm clock's snooze function I'll finally give in and drag myself to the bathroom to jump under the shower. Standing under the hot stream of water feels so good and gives me chance to muse on what the day ahead holds and to try and remember the last thought I had as I was drifting off the night before, which right now seems like a haze but at the time I was sure was life changing.
My commutes into work is pretty long so have to catch office bus form the 10 min. walk distance form my room . It gives me a chance to stay fit as every day I run behind bus to catch that. Looking out side the office bus and see how the world reacts to the morning is different feeling. The people running for there office on my route now comes as second nature. On the way up to the office, if I'm feeling particularly groggy, I'll pop into the company canteen for a tea, definitely I’m addicted to tea. Passing by the canteen I see the same people every day: the guy sitting outside canteen busy on his mobile with a cigarette and the cheerful girl gossiping, who I can only assume is a morning person.
One of my favorite parts of the day is walking into the office and around to my desk, I'll see my colleagues hooked into the computer, busy diligently replying to all the folks who write in to us, and joyfully great me with, "Good morning Anup!". It never fails to lift me into a better mood. The rest of my day varies based on the projects I'm working on and the meetings I have scheduled on my calendar.
I never find it easier to get my head down in the early evening, when the office starts to settle down. My homeward commute gives me time to reflect on what happened during the day, watching the towns go by as the night start filling the dreams in eyes, is really relaxing.


paresh said...

hay!! your weekness is "PARESH".
so, better u write down original thing.

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

Viod Brain,

Continuing to write, is the first step you had taken for improvisation. Hmm...

Keep on writing..!!

AbbY said...

@ paresh

"Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their
level and then they beat you with experience "


AbbY said...

@ Vinu

Tnx Da.

It's All ur Inspiration.