Thursday, July 31, 2008

Salary D@y

31 July ,2008
Last day of the months is very special. Soon my account will be credited with money and my eyes with dreams, somewhere my mind also have priorities its need, and hearts has it demands. Atmosphere in office is also somewhat different today. And most of the sentences that fall to my ear are in future tense.
Colleagues with patience are planning for weekend which will fall day after tomorrow and those who are impatience are planning for tonight .there will be lots of party lineup for days. Some are planning for trekking or outings as pune is famous for that and some are planning for movies so busy on the net to get the review of releasing movies. There are many informal meetings going in department as all peoples are sharing there plane with others, some of them plying forward and making big statement to impress others and some are plying safe on Back foot .
In silence my eyes are scanning everything but it stuck to one place, a person who is sitting at longest distance form me is quit tight-lipped form the morning I can say that there is no current of excitement flowing inside him, what can be the reason behind this? Why he is not so excited on this salary day? This question pops up in my Void Brain. So I asked him indirectly with flavor of politeness what’s your plans for this week end Bro.? He lifted his face slowly and looked at me and said “I’m gone marry in few days” and suddenly I analysis that all those who were plying forwards are “Bachelors” so what does it means?

cheers !!

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