Friday, August 1, 2008

Fri D@y

As like Every weeks day, Friday morning is not different for me, my fight against time is continue and feeling of getting late for office is also nomadic on my head when I come out of bathrooms, but suddenly a different signal comes to my mind when I open my cupboards to put on anything on my body, suddenly left side of my brain has given a signal to right side that “bugger today is Friday”.

Friday is official casual days in my company. When u can wear a casual wear and attract more fishes in company. It’s the day when Brand names do matter; it’s the day when you can talk about your branded shoes ,T-shirt or jeans that u have bought onsite...

Company also seems different on Friday, people who looks dried on normal working days got spark in there look. Sr. Management in there fancy T-shirt and jeans looks young and approachable today .But the best part of the days comes At lunch time when all adorned people comes to canteen and suddenly my college memories refreshed. wow girls are looking different today and there effort to hide there big bally under lousy T-shirt is really Appreciable .
Then comes 5:55 people are running towards the gate to catch there bus,fashion show is over and No one seems ready to work extra hour today as Weekend is calling ….


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Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

big bally under louzy T-shirts..
boy!! now i understand why you are more excited on a friday..!!